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This morning, we launched the new Rethinking Higher Ed Forum as a space where important issues facing PSE in Canada can be discussed and debated. We were very excited about the launch, and looked forward to the reaction from our friends and colleagues in the post-secondary education sector.
At the time of the launch, there was a significant shortcoming with the Forum. Specifically—as several of you rightly let us know—our current roster of contributors consists entirely of white males, most of whom are career academics, and none of whom have a background in the college sector. As it stands, our list is nowhere near reflective of the breadth of perspectives and diversity of experiences that a truly representative forum requires.
Nevertheless, we made the decision to launch the Forum in spite of this significant fault. Our expectation had been that following the launch we would be better positioned to expand our roster of contributors, which was never intended to be final. However, in our haste to launch the site and get the dialogue started, we stumbled. We unwittingly participated in the very kind of behaviour that we had hoped our Forum would analyze and critique.
We apologize for what is quite clearly a significant error on our part. We assure you that it is a matter that we take very seriously, and that we are working very hard to rectify.
We want to emphasize that the Forum’s very purpose is to generate dialogue and debate from across the sector. To that end, we invite anyone who is interested in writing on issues of gender, race, diversity, or inclusivity—or any other significant issue—in higher education to contact us about contributing your perspective. We further invite you to offer your insights in the comments below.
We would be proud to provide an avenue through which these matters and all important issues can be openly discussed. Thank you for helping us to build a more inclusive forum.
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