Rethinking Higher Ed

Postsecondary education in Canada is undergoing massive change. Technological changes, financial constraints, and shifting demographics are just a few of the things contributing to a climate of uncertainty. We’re living in interesting times, with more questions than answers about what the future might hold.

That’s why Academica Group created the Rethinking Higher Ed Forum. 

We’ve assembled a panel of thought leaders (students, researchers, educators, and administrators) to help us find answers to some of the sector’s most important issues. 

Our goal is to foster meaningful, generative dialogue about the future of education in Canada. 

We may not always agree with our contributors’ views, but we share their passion for these issues and their commitment to education. We know you do, too, and hope you’ll join the discussion.

It all starts with a deep understanding of the sector, the institution and the stakeholder groups. We’ll bring our two decades of applicant and student survey data and combine it with custom research that is specific to the challenge you’re facing or strategy you’re considering.

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