Redefining Internationalization In A New Global Era

Ahead of the inaugural Inclusive Internationalization Summit: The Future of Transformative Learning on June 5 at the Toronto Reference Library, Centennial College’s Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion explores the concept of Inclusive Internationalization within the higher education sector.

Ten Years in Motion

In 2008, Centennial College made a commitment to improving the student experience though a Signature Learning Experience (SLE). The SLE infuses perspectives of global citizenship, social justice and equity into 92% of Centennial’s programs.

All students in SLE-integrated programs take GNED 500, a course on global citizenship that presents a foundational and unique look at the history, roots, and impact of inequality and discrimination related to issues of social justice, energy, the environment, and technology in Canada and globally. Global Citizenship and Equity (GCE) learning outcomes have been implemented across 422 Centennial College courses.

Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify one’s roles and responsibilities as a global citizen in personal and professional life

  2. Identify beliefs, values and behaviours that form individual and community identities and the basis for respectful relationships

  3. Analyze issues of equity at the personal, professional, and global level

  4. Analyze the use of the world’s resources to achieve sustainability and equitable distribution at the personal, professional, and global level

  5. Identify and challenge unjust practices in local and global systems

  6. Support personal and social responsibility initiatives at the local, national or global level

The Impact of Global Citizenship and Equity

According to Measuring Student & Faculty Experiences of GCE Learning Outcomes Integration, an internal evaluative research project conducted at Centennial College in 2016, 77% of 632 students surveyed stated that including GCE learning outcomes in their courses enhanced their educational experience. 75% of respondents reported that GCE learning helped them recognize their role and responsibility in ensuring a more just and equitable world.

Moving Forward with Inclusive Internationalization

2018 marks the 10th year of Centennial’s Signature Learning Experience (SLE) project. Global citizenship, social justice and equity have become integral to student learning at Centennial College. Building on SLE, Centennial College is committed to further implementing Inclusive Internationalization, which, as defined by the International Association of Universities, integrates key concepts that post-secondary institutions can promote in and through internationalization. These concepts include equity, cultural diversity, social responsiveness, and mutual benefits in internationalization.

On June 5, 2018 the inaugural Inclusive Internationalization Summit: The Future of Transformative Learning will allow attendees to examine internationalization through the lenses of diversity, equity and inclusion. Attendees will collaborate with other higher education professionals on institutional transformation to increase student success and further enhance the concept of global citizenry.

The summit’s broad aims include:

  • Advancing new theoretical frameworks, collaborative research and promising practices that contribute to efforts to move Inclusive Internationalization forward in post-secondary institutions;
  • Promoting dialogue and critical reflection on how to further develop innovative internationalization initiatives in teaching practices, learning, and services within post-secondary institutions; and
  • Asking participants to consider the contextual realities of the new global era arising from increased student diversity, globalization, industry expectations of the ‘global graduate’, and manifestations of global systemic inequities

The Inclusive Internationalization Summit: The Future of Transformative Learning happens on June 5, 2018. Click here to learn more about this event and to register.


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