Leading the Way in Post-Secondary’s Changing MarCom Landscape

The world of marketing and communications in post-secondary education is changing rapidly. Growing competition to attract the best students, combined with a renewed focus on institutional mission and strategic enrolment management, has created a new kind of marketing and communications professional, one who must keep up with a fast-changing world driven by collaboration and innovation.

While generic marketing and/or communications resources can prove useful for PSE professionals in this area, the fact remains that post-secondary education involves a number of unique challenges, not the least of which is the sheer number of stakeholder groups that an institution is looking to engage. For this reason, it’s essential for post-secondary marketing and communications professionals to have a forum where they can to learn from one another and share best practices and new innovations.

It is with this need in mind that Elaine Gamble, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, will attend this year’s Marketing & Communications for Post-Secondary Professionals Conference, to be held April 29th to May 1st at the Courtyard Marriot Downtown in Toronto. “This conference provides me with the opportunity to network with colleagues whom I can’t reach in other ways,” says Gamble. “We face a lot of similar challenges in our roles, but some of these challenges are also quite unique to post-secondary, which is why I think it’s so important for us to get together.”

Gamble adds that she was impressed by the conference when she attended last year, and found that many of the presentations were highly relevant to projects she was working on. “For example, there was one presentation about how a communications team was able to communicate with many different stakeholder groups when their institution experienced a delayed campus opening,” says Gamble. “At Fanshawe where I work, campus openings have been a major part of our efforts for past few years, especially with the significant investments we’ve made in two new buildings in downtown London, on a stretch of street that has since become a very pedestrian-friendly ‘flex’ street and has completely transformed the surrounding downtown area.”

“In situations like these, you have many different groups to communicate with, including students and faculty who are now being asked to attend and teach classes in a new part of town, as well as municipal stakeholders and the broader community. However, this has been a wonderful experience for us overall, and I’m glad I was able to apply to learnings I took away from last year’s Marketing & Communications for Post-Secondary Conference.”

Presenting alongside Dave Schwartz, Fanshawe’s Executive Director of Reputation and Brand Management, Gamble will share many of the insights she gained from her experience with a downtown campus opening at this year’s conference. In addition to sharing their own insights, however, Gamble says that she and Schwartz are also eager to learn from colleagues in the sector who are doing new and exciting things, not only in the realms of stakeholder engagement and event management, but in digital realms such as social media or institutional websites. The conference will offer presenters and attendees opportunities to learn about these areas and more.

If you are interested in learning more about this year’s Marketing & Communications for Post-Secondary Conference, visit the conference website and find a link to the full program here. You can also register for the event here.

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