Keeping university boards well-informed is no small task

Board members at universities across Canada face a growing urgency to make the best decisions for their institutions. These members are coming from an increasingly diverse set of professional and personal backgrounds, which makes it more essential than ever for them to be well-informed about the challenges and opportunities facing their schools. And if there’s one Canadian university alumnus who knows something about keeping people well-informed, it's Ali Velshi of NBC News.

An alumnus of Queen’s University, Velshi has worked as Chief Business Correspondent for CNN and as Anchor of CNN’s Your Money, as well as serving as co-host of CNN International's weekday business show World Business Today. He currently serves as Senior Economic and Business Correspondent for NBC News and co-anchor with Stephanie Ruhle of Velshi & Ruhle on MSNBC. In 2010, Velshi was awarded the Queen's University Alumni Achievement Award, and in 2016, he received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from his Alma Mater.

This May 2-4, Velshi will return to his Alma Mater in Kingston, Ontario to present at the Canadian University Boards Association’s annual conference, which is open to leadership of CUBA member University Boards (Click here for more information about who is eligible to register and attend). Velshi will be sitting down in a “fireside chat” format to discuss the future of internationalization at Canadian universities with Dr. Phil Glennie, Communications & Partnerships Manager at Academica Group.

Early Bird registration for the conference is now open and ends February 15th. To learn more about this event, please visit the CUBA website.

Velshi and Glennie’s conversation will cover topics such as international student recruitment and its impact on higher ed culture and finances, Canada’s brand as an international study destination, and the growing emphasis on the international student experience, including the school-to-work transition for international students who want to stay and work in Canada after graduation.

In addition to being a world-class journalist, Velshi is passionate about the role that higher ed must play in building a better world for all. “The value of a university education has never been higher, nor has the importance of ensuring that a university education is teaching students the skills they need to be successful and fulfilled as 21st-century professionals,” says Velshi. “The fact is that if you have a university education, your risk of involuntary unemployment today is extremely low. But we also see some significant skills gaps in the growing knowledge economy, and we need universities to help us address those gaps for the benefit of all. That’s why I’m convinced that high-quality, affordable higher education is the ultimate answer to society’s socioeconomic problems.”

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